My blog. i've called it "Glow". I find it quite a bright title, its interesting. It could develop into something, who knows!!

The Last One...


Well not the last one ever, just on this blog. I'm moving you see. Here is the link


so as a small request, those of you who read this, have it bookmarded, or have links to this blog please update them to my new one. You see the new one is more interesting. It's more Phil. So everyone rush over HERE and read that one instead.




I hate it when things aren't there when there is no reason why it shouldn't be!!

Ok, as anyone who has read this blog will know, I want a proper wordpress blog which I can design and customise and make mine, rather than one of these standard template thingys. So I finally found some where I can have one for free and now I have a week off lectures I am taking the chance to set it up. Everything is installed, except for one screen, and there is no reason why it is not there!! I have reinstalled it, tried over and over, but it just won't flaming appear. Without it I can't do what I want. I have it all set up on my iBook and it looks good, or at least will do with a bit more tweaking, might post a screen shot later. Plus the people on the help forum are being lame and not replying to my plea for help. ARGH!!!!

Anyway, voice is still here, its getting better, not quite normal but not far off although it gets a bit husky sometimes!!

So, if anyone knows about wordpress and the K2 theme found at binary bonsai then please let me know.

It's Back!!!!


Yep, my voice its back. It's done its little holiday trip, dunno where it went, it's refusing to tell me, maybe it took Ruth's voice on holiday as hers has now come back as well. Or not, which is most likely, but most importantly its back. Its recovering slowly and growing in strength to, its almost normal Phil again!!

Apart from the cough, that flaming cough. It seems to have arrived with my voice, bit chesty, bit dry and very annoying. Hope it doesn't stay too long.

Just watched Lost. Man that program is good. I'm getting quite addicted to it, I just wish I didn't have to wait a week between each episode. I mean they could play one episode a night, or even every other night, that would do, but no, they make you wait!!

I really should be in bed, but I'm just not tired, I dunno, not having to get up in the morning really messes your body clock up, as does being ill and sleeping more than you should.

I'm trying to start drawing again. I did one sketch today and I'm planning on doing at least one sketch a day, gives me something to do and I actually get quite engrossed in it when I sit down and do it. So post any ideas of things for me to draw if you want, would be good.

So its been a busy week.


It's been a busy week or so since I last updated. I have been working hard on my project which is now all handed in, woo!!

Weekend was fun, me and Craig cooked for Jen, Ruth and Names, cos they had been on placemeant for 3 days so we thought we would treat them. Ruth's friend Emma came aswell as Ruth's bro David. That was quite fun, we ahd a laugh at ours on friday night and then at Ruth's on Saturday. That was after me had been to see the fireworks at the Racecourse, which was also fun.

Woke up Sunday and felt awful. Monday wasn't much better, and my throat was absolutely killing me yesterday. In fact voice was starting to go late last night, when I went to bed, and when I woke up this morning it was gone fullstop. Bit rubbish, and it meant I didn't have to do my presentation today.

Anyways, its very annoying not having a voice. It occasionally comes back but sounds rough as anything and hurts like heck, so it will be lots of sleep over the next few days, especailly as I don't have any lectures this week!!

This Weekend. Update 2.


Well, I didn't get much work done today, looks like I will be doing it tomorrow instead. I did manage to get emails out to cell leaders and got some updating of the CU site in, although that is no where near finished and will have to wait til I have a bit more spare time. Discoverd that I have an assignment in at the end of the week so this week is gonna be a busy one. ergh!!

Forest won, woo!! We are now 2 points off the play offs in 10th and heading to Bournemouth in the next league game. Come on you reds!!

I'm a bit curious to see who, if anyone other than my Dad and Ernie read this. So if you do, please leave me a comment.

Heres to a productive work day tomorrow!!

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