My blog. i've called it "Glow". I find it quite a bright title, its interesting. It could develop into something, who knows!!



Ok, I'm actaully quite bored at the moment hence the creation of this blog. Should be quite interesting, maybe even amusing!!

Its been an interesting summer, although I am becoming increasingly scared that I am becoming a computer geek!!eek!! Well a mac geek anyway!! Is that ok?? I mean Macs are cool, they look good, work well are better than PC's, perhaps its ok, I think its ok!! Arrggghhh!!

Anyway we will see what happens with this. I will probs forget about it once I get back to uni, ah yes uni, can't wait, not long now!! WOO!!hehe!!

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  • I'm Phil
  • From Southwell, Notts, United Kingdom
  • I'm a student. I like technology. I like design, especially good design. I like gadgets. I'm a Christian. I want a better blog than this but I'm too poor to sort out hosting and too lazy to set wordpress up on hosting I'm to poor to buy!!
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